K.C/Kasey/Caroline 20 UK
This is my blog of many things.

I♥ The Kennedys,
I♥ Billy Joel
I♥ the 80's
I♥ Ultravox and Midge.
I♥ Star Wars (old and new trilogy)
I♥ Csi: NY *drowning in an ocean of my own tears*
I ♥ Gary Sinise.
(He is my imaginary husband. )
I'm obsessed with politics, history, military, Russia. Ski Jumping. Volleyball (Jastrzębski Węgiel♥) Top Gear. I can't live without alcohol and cigarettes. Politicians. Men in suits. I want to visit Chernobyl really bad. I'm in love with the USSR. I'm selfish, bitchy, don't come near me or i'll bite. I like to cut my wrists and hands because I'd like to feel something. But I can't feel anything anymore. I smoke too much and I drink too much. I am a useless fat shit and my father hates me.

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